Oleksiy Myshakivskyy, logistics manager.

Oleksiy Myshakivsky is a cardiac surgeon in Lviv regional clinical hospital located in the Western part of Ukraine. After February 24 2022 he is not only a regular doctor at the hospital, but also a logistics manager for Healthcare4Ukraine. In his after-office hours and on the weekend. His tasks include organizing the distribution and delivery of medication and medical equipment sent from the Netherlands to Ukraine and further delivery within Ukraine. Oleksiy Myshakivsky takes care of further distribution within Ukraine. 

Healthcare4Ukraine collects the demands from hospitals and NGOs within Ukraine. Sometimes the blankets are lacking, sometimes – basic medications or special laboratory equipment, the is a continues need for medical beds. Central coordination unit in the Netherlands collects the requests directly from hospitals and NGOs from Ukraine. Then a process of buying medications or medical wares is taking place in Netherlands. After that it is transported to Lviv. The city was chosen as a main hub due to close proximity to the. Polish border, and it is relatively safer here (less rockets and daily shelling compared to other cities). Goods are being unloaded from the trucks to the storage bays. After that Oleksiy is contacting the final beneficiaries receiving goods and they take it to the hospitals in Kharkiv, Dnipro, Kyiv, Zaporizzya, Chernihiv, Zhytomyr – around the whole country, with extra focus on locations near the frontline.