Transport september Ukraine


With every transport there are obsticles to overcome. 

At the end of September another truck with medication and medical supplies left from the Netherlands. Due to strikes at the customs in Poland this was already a week later then what we had hoped for. Subsequently, due to traffic jams in the Netherlands, not all pick up point for the medication and medical supplies could be reached on time on the same day. And when the truck arrived at the border with Ukraine there was an extra custom check in which the truck had to be completely emptied. 

In the end, all obstabcles were more than worth the effort: the truck has arrived in Lviv. From there the medication and medical supplies can be further distributed to hospitals and medical institutions in Ukraine. 

Especially from the Ukrainian territorities that have been recently reclaimed, horrowing stories reach us. Medicines and medical supplies are still urgently needed.


Thanks to: IDA Foundation, Brocacef, Zorgverzekeraars Nederland, a.s.r. verzekeringen, Medux en Medipoint.

Small ambulances to Ukraine


Not only is there a big need for medicines and medical supplies, but also for ambulances. Together with Olga Lebedenko we managed to send two rapid response cars (small ambulances) to Ukraine. In the short movie the cars are almost crossing the border with Ukraine to then drive to Kharkiv and Chernihiv in the northeast. Many thanks to Vincent Verweijmeren (Witte Kruis), Jos Pellenkoft (Connexxion), René Pol (Special Truck Parts B.V.) and Dustey Wever (Garage Rijsenhout Bedrijfswagens).


Transport july to Oekraïne


Together with the SAZ hospitals we were able to transport another truck with medicines and medical supplies to Ukraine. Unfortunately the need is still very high. In this transport there was also a big contribution from Stichting SOEGG that made transportation of medication to different hospitals in Zhytomyr possible.

Also many thanks to: IDA Foundation, Brocacef, Orange Pharma, Zorgverzekeraars Nederland, a.s.r. verzekeringen, Rijnstate, OMRON Healthcare Europe, Certe, Zorgservice XL and Thebe