Medication and medical equipment on demand and locally defused within Ukraine.
The need in high in Ukrainian hospitals and medical institutions. There are huge shortages of both medicines and medical devices.
The Ukrainian hospitals and medical institutions ask for medication and medical equipment, more than 95 % of our funding is used to deliver medical equipment and medication to Ukraine.

Everything ends upvery locally. Even where the large aid organizations do not come. For example through the Blago foundation, a help organisation with a large network within Ukraine, also near the warzone. Read more…

Healthcare4Ukraine collects the demands from hospitals and NGOs within Ukraine. Sometimes the blankets are lacking, sometimes – basic medications or special laboratory equipment, the is a continues need for medical beds. Central coordination unit in the Netherlands collects the requests directly from hospitals and NGOs from Ukraine. Then a process of buying medications or medical wares is taking place in Netherlands. After that it is transported to Lviv. The city was chosen as a main hub due to close proximity to the. Polish border, and it is relatively safer here (less rockets and daily shelling compared to other cities). Goods are being unloaded from the trucks to the storage bays. After that Oleksiy Myshakivsky is contacting the final beneficiaries receiving goods and they take it to the hospitals in Kharkiv, Dnipro, Kyiv, Zaporizzya, Chernihiv, Zhytomyr – around the whole country, with more focus on locations near the frontline. Heartsurgeon Oleksiy Myshakivsky coordinate the transport within Ukraine. Read more…

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